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Every child gets their own Fyp card with parental controls and insights about each spend to encourage responsible and smart spending.


Teach your child the habit of saving for their future goals and earn interest on their savings with parent paid interest.


Educate your children about the stock market and ETFs, and encourage them to start and learn investing at an early age.


Help your child become financially smart and future-ready with our interactive "learning" chatbot that makes all finance concepts smart and easy.

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Some interesting facts

of Fyp parents
have started
teaching investing
to their Kids &
helping them to
invest for their
future goals.

of Fyp parents
have realised that
their Kids are
learning smart
management with
digital allowances.

of Fyp kids &
teens have
already started
saving for goals
like “Higher
education” and
“Buying a bike”.

3 out of 5 Fyp kids & teens
have started following
budget rule & have improved
the habit of overspending.


Parents adore us

Check out what our parents have to say.

My son had a habit of
overspending. Fyp changed my
way of teaching him. It has
interactive learning that helped
my son to learn about money so
easily. He recently learned about
50/30/20 rule & he is very
excited to practice it in real life.

Shweta Jain

Parent, 45

As a parent, I always used to think
how to make my 14-year-old son
understand about investing. He has
interest in crypto & stocks, but I did
not have any tool where he could
himself invest. After I came across
Fyp, it became very easy. He can
invest in selected stocks after my
approval which makes it safe.

Prakash Sharma

Parent, 41

Seeing today's generation, I am
always scared that where my
daughter is spending money. But
recently I made her download
Fyp. I am satisfied that I get alerts
on Fyp app about her spending.
Plus, she enjoys using the app as
she got her own card.

Mamta Yadav

Parent, 39

I have seen a big change in my
son after he started using Fyp. He
loves saving for his goals & with
its interactive learning feature,
my son has learnt about

Minali Gupta

Parent, 46


How to use numberless cards for online purchases?

The card doesn’t have a number and CVV present for safety purposes but we have a virtual card as well and the details are present on the app which could be used for making online purchases. 

How to get started?


  1. Download the Fyp app and set up your account with all the required information and KYC verification. 
  2. You can receive money from Parents/ Guardians in the account via UPI id or Fyp transfer.
  3. Get Virtual Card Instantly and start using Fyp for all online purchases on websites/apps.
  4. Order the Fyp physical card to swipe at retail stores.
  5. Learn to save and invest
How safe is Fyp?

Fyp is for teenagers, therefore, security of their money is our priority. The sensitive details are not present on the card to ensure its safety if it is lost or mishandled. These details are however present in the app to make online purchases. Apart from this, the card can be easily paused or blocked through the app and the app can be locked with a code. 

Where can I use my Fyp card?

Fyp card can be used anywhere. Use it for shopping online or offline just by swiping or through the app.