Our Brand Story

Teenagers today are very different from the teenagers
before. They are dreamers and builders. They are the
doers who are going out in the world and making
changes or even building empires by sitting right in front
of their computers. At Fyp, we tend to make teens learn
money management in a fun way.

We employ innovative technology to make the process of learning and managing expenses easier for these young, fierce, tech-savvy brains. To make these budding legends bosses of their own, we built Fyp, a prepaid card for teenagers and their parents to easily manage their online as well as offline transactions.

To give it a twist, we have employed gamification features that will help to inculcate financial literacy in teenagers. Not only this, but they can also check their spending analysis on the app.

With Fyp, teens can learn budgeting, saving and
making wiser expenditure decisions, and while
parents are connected to the app, they can keep
track of their child’s activities easily.

Fyp card allows teens to shop offline with a swipe,
pay online and transfer or ask for money easily. So,
no more worrying about asking or lending out cash
for everything or about financial safety.

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